Picture Book “Violin From The Forest” Hardcover Edition


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Hardcover Edition – Picture Book “Violin From The Forest” (Written in Japanese)

A4 size(A3 spread)

dimension: H303mm x W216mm x D102mm

Book ¥3,190(tax incl.) + Postage*

In creating this book, I aimed to draw a book in which every page is visually captivating and communicative so that the drawings alone could convey the story and the book be enjoyable for a wide range of readers including very young children.  hardcover book has a flat spread finish with no weaving in the centre; many of the pages were originally drawn as spreads, and the flat spread finish lets you enjoy this intention of the original artworks. The pencil textures and the subtle translucency of watercolour have also been beautifully reproduced in the printing. I hope you will enjoy the book for a long time!

Thank you 🙂

To read messages from authors and more, check out the book’s page.

*Postage: ¥330/unit. Please read here about maximum postage. Postage is applied per Cart by charging the most expensive postage, so bulk purchase is recommended!


There is also a Paperback edition. It’s a more affordable version of the book. 🙂

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10.2 × 216 × 303 mm

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