Hi! Thanks for visiting. I’m Maiko, a visual and craft artist from and based in Tokyo. While I am very much a Tokyoite to the core, I lived most of my adolescent years in Sydney, Australia, so there is a substantial level of Aussie admiration in my soul as well. 🙂
This website is a portal to several links. So, here is a quick guide through them all:
As a visual artist, I enjoy drawing people and take portrait commissions. In recent years, the most popular kind of commissions I’d received were Wedding Art. Sceneries and animals are subject matters I also enjoy drawing. Do check out my online Portfolio – there are many works you will enjoy viewing! My blog is another place you can see my works. A lot of these works I’ve just mentioned are made available as cute home decor items, such as cushions, blankets, mugs, etc., at my Home Decor Shop (Society6). I’m also a bit of a crafts person and my one-of-a-kind handmade creations are available for purchase at my Handmade shop.

And here is why I draw and create;
it’s because I want to be happy, feel what I feel, meet beautiful souls, and capture life’s moments.
Drawing is a language to me – It’s my best and favourite way to connect with people.

Whether it was because we have personally met, or you have found my website by a wonderful lucky coincidence, I’m so happy you have visited here and are reading this now. Please stay in touch, via email or SNS! Cheers to our love for art!